May 19, 2022
District Governor Kayla Christianson

Born and raised in Virginia, Kayla Belle Christianson moved to Abilene, Texas to study at
Abilene Christian University where she earned her BS in Mass Communication and MA in
Organizational Communication. She is the founder, owner, and CEO (Chief Encouragement
Officer) of La Belle Productions, LLC, which includes a creative ad agency (IN-Focus Digital,
est. 2001), a media conversion and photography studio (IN-Focus Studio 302, est. 2016), and a
brand consulting firm (La Belle, est. 2014), with a new business premiering under the brand in
Kayla has served on several non-profit boards, including the Abilene Chamber of Commerce,
Habitat for Humanity Abilene, Rotary Club of Abilene, Cancer Services Network, Noah Project,
Inc., and the Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau. She was selected to Abilene’s 20 Under 40
in 2012 and graduated Leadership Texas in 2014.
Kayla is Past President of the Rotary Club of Abilene, has chaired the club’s bylaws committee,
and has worked on and chaired their annual Taste of Abilene fundraiser. She attended the
first-ever Rotary Young Professionals Summit in Chicago in 2014, and has presented her “How
to Attract & Retain Millennials to Rotary” to clubs, district assemblies, district conferences, Lone
Star PETS, and zonal membership summits. At the district level, she has served as District
Alumni Chair, Public Image Chair, and Assistant Governor.
Kayla’s husband David is in the Abilene Southwest Rotary Club and serves as District
Secretary. Both are Paul Harris Fellows. The two of them actively work to facilitate cooperative
social and service events among the three Abilene clubs.
In Abilene and on social media, she is known for her photographs of her Frenchie-pugs,
weather on the horizon, and the West Texas sunsets that she takes from her penthouse
apartment in the historic Hotel Wooten.