Rotary International News -- 28 August 2009

Rotarians are responding enthusiastically to the new membership slogan, "Each Rotarian: Reach One, Keep One."
"The slogan is a gentle reminder to do it!" notes John T. Capps III, a member of the Rotary Club of Morehead City-Noon, North Carolina, USA. "Keep a 3 x 5 card handy at all times to record that moment in time when the name of a potential member flashes in your thoughts."

"Each one of us became a Rotarian because someone invited us to attend a Rotary meeting," agrees William Pollard, past governor of District 7600 (Virginia, USA). "We all have a responsibility to grow our Rotary family so that we can continue to provide service to our local and international communities."

The RI Board of Directors adopted the new membership slogan at its June meeting.

The slogan emphasizes the need for Rotarians to focus on both recruitment and retention in their membership growth efforts.

"Membership development is each Rotarian's responsibility," said Paul Netzel, a member of RI's Membership Development and Retention Committee and a past RI director.

"'Reach One' reminds us that because Rotary membership is by invitation, it's essential that each Rotarian reaches out and invites someone to join," added Netzel, a member of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles.

"'Keep One' reminds us that it's not sufficient to simply sponsor someone into Rotary; we must also see that new members become active and involved Rotarians. We know this is an essential element in membership retention."